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Thursday, November 1, 2018

trmp and "small protest" (2000 people) that he "didn't see" in Pittsburgh.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/10/31/heres-small-protest-trump-says-he-didnt-see-pittsburgh/?utm_term=.0255783ee5d4 Even if he "didin't see" protests, it's his duty to read the news and react appropriately. Why does he fight for his (political) life with such venom, while treating the lives of others, (Muslims, immigrants/refugees, those he disagrees with) so cavalierly? As one commentator on CNN said, his short periods of contrition "never last longer than yogurt." Pittsburgh demonstrations was not about how well or badly his wife and he were treated, it's about the state of the country which he is nominal president of. Once back in DC, he started tweeting hate again. He sounds like a man desperate to hold on to his power and world view. Instead of rallying the country to be united,he's stoking hate and white nationalism and campaigning aggressively daily. Last Wed. CNN had a piece in which it contrasted his behavior with clips of public speeches by Roosevelt,Reagan, Bush and Obama at moments of national emergency. Obama's was after the church shooting in the South. Today, trmp is claiming without evidence that George Soros is behind the immigrant "caravan" a word trmp used first. They are actually a group of refugees seeking political asylum. Trmp is very sly in his use of words, while pretending to be stupid. He's more evil than stupid. Imagine what it will be when the "immigrants" reach the US border and the troops sent by Mattis and trump open fire. A blood bath to echo the blood of Khashoggi and the two Saudi women,and the blood in Yemen using arms bought from USA. Meanwhile the water rises. This is terrible and sounds like the end of the world. And by the way, instead of talking about and working for gun control, trmp suggests churches and synagogues, schools should arm themselves. That would mean more gun sales and half trained or untrained people with weapons. It's the central government's and local govt's duty to protect the lives of citizens. Inside the brain of trmp, it's all "me me me" and all upside down. kmk 11-20-2018

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