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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Saudis execute Indonesian maid without warning. There are hundreds of Burmese workers in Saudi Arabia and Singapore, placed through Burmese government agencies.

Thursday, November 01, 2018 Saudis execute Indonesian domestic maid, after she killed employer (in self defense) trying to rape her-- https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/31/indonesia-protests-saudi-arabia-executes-domestic-maid/ Indonesia objects strongly. 11-1-2018 Posted by Kyi May at 3:19 AM In 2006 in Singapore, because I am a writer, a friend of a "maid" told me--"Aunty, you should come and teach creative writing classes here. My friend had maids herself when she was in Burma and now she herself is working as a maid." I've heard countless stories of Burmese sailors and construction workers. If you come across such cases, try to save them. When I worked at RFA I also heard of "rescue attempts" gone wrong, (in Thailand) one searing case in which husband had to work as a fisherman and his wife was sold into sex slavery through a ruse conducted by his Burmese acquaintance. They were traced when the NGO which "saved" her, published a photo of her with her husband's photo by hee bedside. I think at this point he was pushed off a boat and killed. They were a 1988 couple. They story was told me by a womanizing colleague who went on to work decades with jerk boss mentioned below. I could not even broadcast the story as suffered constant job harassment myself from pro-junta jerk boss with initials ST. In about 2006 he was himself fired after he fired a lot of people, and it was due to his asking a job applicant his "trick question" "If I ask you to broadcast ill of ASSK, will you do it?" Due to this, RFA had to pay $300,000 in compensation for gender discrimination, because the plaintiff was a man and they hired a woman for a "female voice." I found this out through DC Superior Court documents online, but they have since been removed. kmk 11-1-2018

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