DSC_9305The International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated worldwide on the 7th of March. This year, WEAVE Foundation held series of IWD events from March 6 to 8 in its project locations in Mae Hong Son border town side of Thailand. In line with this year's theme "Be bold for Change", WEAVE featured the great work of its women partners, the refugee and Thai women artisans and celebrated the acts of courage and determination of these ordinary women who played extraordinary roles in their families, communities and societies. WEAVE; together with the WFTO movement re-affirm its commitment to Fair Trade Principles and on the occasion of IWD, in the protection and advancement of women's rights through gender equity, fair payment, non-discrimination, safe and good working conditions and continuous capacity building. We join WFTO's global campaign advocating for 'Fair Chances of Work'.


WEAVE Foundation has been working for more than twenty five years, empowering refugee and displaced women and children from Myanmar as well as disadvantaged Hill-tribe women in Northern Thai villages. Through education, economic opportunities and other support, more women were encouraged and have taken leadership roles, benefiting their families and communities.