Thursday, April 20, 2017

Will You Wear A Blue Shirt for Burma’s Political Prisoners?

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Friday 21st April is the third anniversary of the death of U Win Tin who is a former political prisoner and founding member of the National League for Democracy. He was also a hero of Burma's struggle for democracy and human rights. On this day around the world, people will be wearing a blue shirt in memory of U Win Tin and all the remaining political prisoners in Burma.
Please wear blue, and help spread the word by posting a picture of yourself on Facebook, Twitter etc using the hashtag #blueshirt4burma.
Or on Instagram: @blueshirt4burma.

U Win Tin was one of Burma's longest serving political prisoners, describing his time in jail from 1989 until 2008 as living in hell. On his release he refused to hand over his blue prison shirt, and pledged to wear a blue shirt every day until all political prisoners were released. He carried on wearing a blue shirt until his death.
Repressive laws still remain in place, and these laws are being used to intimidate, arrest and jail political activists. On the third anniversary of the death of U Win Tin, at least 175 political prisoners remain in Burma/Myanmar's jails, with a further 74 activists awaiting trial.

U Win Tin
U Win Tin
Please wear blue in a memory of U Win Tin and all remaining political prisoners in Burma's jails.

Please let your friends know about this campaign - you can share the link here.
Thank you for your support.

Wai Hnin
Burma Campaign UK

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