Monday, February 6, 2017

UN: Rohingya child’s throat slit trying to protect mother from rape

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The United Nations has just published a new report of testimonies of Rohingya villagers who have fled attacks by the Burmese Army. It contains some of the most horrific human rights violations imaginable.

A five year old girl had her throat slit by soldiers as she tried to stop them from raping her mother.

An eight month old baby boy was killed because he was crying to be breastfed while soldiers raped his mother.

As one mother was giving birth, soldiers hit her with a stick and stamped on the baby, killing it.

Half the women interviewed by UN investigators had experienced rape and sexual violence.

Almost half of those interviewed had a family member who has been killed.

The report concluded these human rights violations were likely crimes against humanity.

This new evidence reinforces the need for a full UN Inquiry into human rights violations happening against the Rohingya. An Inquiry can identify those responsible so that one day they can be held accountable. It can make recommendations to the military and government in Burma, and to the international community, to ensure these abuses are stopped.
Email Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson demanding that he back an inquiry.
You can read the full UN report here.

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