Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Children thrown into burning homes. What is your MP doing to stop this?

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Mass rape, murder and torture - ask your MP to help stop this.
Almost 70,000 Rohingya have now fled to neighbouring Bangladesh since the Burmese Army launched a military crackdown four months ago. They are telling horrific stories of the human rights violations taking place.
Children have described how Burmese Army soldiers snatched their brothers and sisters from their mothers and threw them into burning homes.
Women have described watching soldiers kill their husbands before the soldiers rape them until they lose consciousness.
They have told how all the young women from their village were taken by soldiers and raped over and over again.
The Burmese Army is committing crimes against humanity
Under international law, these are crimes against humanity. The United Nations must investigate and hold those responsible to account. The prospect of an international investigation could help stop some of these abuses.
Members of the UN Human Rights Council could decide to set up an inquiry when they discuss Burma soon. 
Ask your MP to sign a new motion in Parliament calling on the British government to back a UN Inquiry into the Rohingya crisis. We need the British government to back a UN Inquiry and propose it at the Human Rights Council.
Write to your MP now.

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Burma Campaign UK
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