Friday, January 20, 2017

Federalist Papers # 51--What James Madison intended, and important for both Burma & USA now--

There is a need for checks and balances between different branches of government.  This needs to be considered from Administration of Burma is "reformed"--re formed means formed again.

For e.g. courts must not be under legislature--in case of Burma there is now no independent judiciary.

In other words, there are still kangaroo courts.

No free press in Burma etc.

Right now, Burma is a command (political) economy and polity, all decisions are top down, it is a pyramidal structure, (one pyramid, not several)

Aung San Suu Kyi is a figurehead in a facade democracy.

Therefore she can't say or do anything as the army has the real power.

I am tired of pointing this out, and I am afraid Mrs. Hilary Clinton, President Obama, and then John Kerry made great mistakes by pretending that Burma had really changed.

As one of my Facebook "friends" said, when she was elected, "Your puppet and mine, but mine dances prettier,"

but it is not enough to "dance" and be an opening act before the generals come and sign deals/contracts for trade/military aid with developed countries.

Peter Popham in his bio of Suu foresaw this predicament for Suu.

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