Monday, January 4, 2016

Your help needed - Political Prisoner Brang Yung freed, but Lahpai Gam still in jail

Dear friend

In 2014 we wrote to you about the case of two farmers, Brang Yung and Lahpai Gam who had been brutally tortured and sentenced to 21 years in jail, just because they were ethnic Kachin.

Take action now to free Lahpai Gam.

We asked you to email the British government calling on them to pressure the military-backed government in Burma to release Brang Yung and Lahpai Gam. Hundreds of people took action, the case was reported in the media, and raised in the British Parliament. We also worked with top international human rights lawyers and secured a UN ruling that the detention of Brang Yung and Lahpai Gam broke international law. In Burma, families, lawyers and campaigners also kept up the pressure for their release.

This combined domestic and international pressure is working!

We are pleased to be able to inform you that Brang Yung has now been released. However, Lahpai Gam remains in jail, and his court appeal has been rejected.

We need to step up pressure to ensure Lahpai Gam is released!  He is innocent, and should not spend one more day in jail.

President Thein Sein has the power to order the release of Lahpai Gam. Let's keep up the pressure.

Please email President Thein Sein now calling on him to act. Take action here.
Thank you.
Anna Roberts

PS. Also on our website is the address of the prison where Lahpai Gam is being held. We know political prisoners have been receiving postcards and letters from our supporters, so please take a moment to send a letter or a postcard. It really means a lot to a political prisoner in jail to receive a postcard from abroad.
Free Lahpai Gam
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