Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jailed for calling themselves Rohingya

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Rohingya community leaders Ba Thar, Kyaw Khin, Kyaw Myint and his son Hla Myint, have been sentenced for up to 8 years in prison – just for calling themselves Rohingya.
Last year, you helped free Rohingya community leaders Dr Tun Aung and Kyaw Hla Aung. Now these four men need your help.
Please take action here.
Rohingya community leaders in Burma have often been imprisoned for calling for the recognition of the Rohingya identity.
Ba Thar, Kyaw Khin, Kyaw Myint and Hla Myint were arrested in April 2013 for taking part in a community protest against a government-led population registration exercise. This did not allow members of the community to identify as Rohingya, and protests forced the government to suspend the registration exercise.
The three community leaders were falsely accused of using violence during the protest. They have been targeted by the military-backed government because they are influential Rohingya community leaders calling for the recognition of the Rohingya identity.
On 3rd March 2015, the Rakhine State Divisional Court sentenced Ba Thar, Kyaw Myint and his son Hla Myint to 8 years imprisonment. Kyaw Khin was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.
Please take action by writing to the High Representative of European External Action Service, Federica Mogherini, to call for the immediate release of Ba Thar, Kyaw Khin, Kyaw Myint, Hla Myint and the remaining political prisoners in Burma.

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Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK
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