Friday, May 8, 2015

Tomorrow’s the 60K day!

Dear friend

Tomorrow I'm walking 60km in one day to raise funds to work to free political prisoners in Burma.
Every week I volunteer in the Burma Campaign UK office and I have seen how effective the campaign is. I remember how fantastic it feels when we hear a prisoner we have been campaigning for has been freed, and how much it means when a released prisoner sends a thank you, and you know that for that person, and their families, you have made a real difference. It makes me even more determined to campaign for other political prisoners.
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Two years ago I took on this "60K in one day" challenge because of the awful human rights abuses that Burma Campaign UK were campaigning to end.
This time I know how tough it is, but I'm determined to finish the challenge and go through all the pain and exhaustion again because I know that our campaigns help get prisoners free. Prisoners like Dr Tun Aung, a community leader who had been sentenced to 17 years in prison and was released last year, and La Ring, an ethnic Kachin farmer who was freed in October.
With more arrests and the number of political prisoners increasing, we need more money to try to get them released, but also to campaign for change in Burma that ends the jailing of political activists once and for all.

If every Burma Campaign UK supporter could come together and each donate a few pounds or dollars, it would make a real difference.
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Thanks so much for your support.
Lesley Mair

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