Thursday, April 30, 2015

Drop The Charges: Union leaders jailed for asking for a $1 pay rise

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Trade Union leaders in Burma have been jailed for asking for a $1 pay rise.
Drop The Charges: Union Leaders Jailed for Asking for a $1 Pay Rise
Garment workers in Rangoon are protesting over pay and working conditions in their factories. An average worker gets paid only 43 US cents an hour. To make ends meet, they have to do two days overtime, meaning they often work 7 days a week.

Workers have demanded an increase of $1 a day so that they can support their families better.

Naing Htay Lwin and Myo Min Min are two union leaders who were arrested for organising protests calling for a pay rise of $1 a day. They were arrested under a repressive law which bans protest without government permission, and they were also falsely accused of advocating violence during protests.

They were charged under two different counts, and they are being detained in the notorious Insein Prison in Rangoon. If they are convicted, they could face up to 3 years in prison for organising peaceful protests.

Activists in Burma need your help. Please take action by writing to U Win Mra, the chairman of the Myanmar National Human Rights Council, to call for the immediate release of Naing Htay Lwin, Myo Min Min and all remaining political prisoners in Burma.

Take action here.

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