Thursday, December 11, 2014

Imagine if ...

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Dear friend                                                                                        
Imagine if you and your family and all your neighbours had to flee your homes.  Imagine if everyone on every street for half a mile fled at the same time. Imagine if you had no warning, suddenly guns were firing and you and your family had to flee like this, leaving almost all your possessions behind. Imagine not all of you made it.
This Christmas tens of thousands of men, women and children are sheltering in remote parts of Kachin State in North Eastern Burma having escaped there to avoid attacks on their villages by the Burmese Army.  They are cold, and they are frightened and face their meagre rations being cut because of lack of aid.
Help us to help them. Please make a donation.
For two decades we have been fighting for human rights in Burma and with your help have had real success.  We campaigned for international pressure that has led to some reforms, and has helped to free hundreds of political prisoners. 
But pressure was lifted too quickly and now the reform process has stalled. Every day we still hear the most horrific stories.
A journalist was recently tortured and killed by the Burmese army amid a crackdown on media that has seen journalists being thrown into jail again.
Attacks against ethnic minorities have increased as hopes for a genuine peace settlement fade.
The number of political prisoners has doubled over the past year. Repressive laws remain in place and new laws are being used to arrest peaceful protestors.
We won't stop campaigning until there is real change in Burma, but we need your help. Please make a donation this Christmas so that we can continue to support people in Burma in their struggle for freedom.
You can donate from anywhere in the world in any currency, including via PayPal, here.
Thank you from all of us at Burma Campaign UK.

Doug Janke
Head of Fundraising
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