Monday, July 7, 2014

BurmaCampaign Digest, Vol 74, Issue 1

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Today's Topics:

1. Burma Campaign UK News Update (Anna Roberts)


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Dear friend

Here is the latest news from the campaign.


Journalist Zaw Pe was freed on Friday, after his prison sentence was reduced on appeal from one year to three months. Burma Campaign UK launched a campaign for Zaw Pe?s freedom after he was jailed earlier this year. His jailing was one of several steps back on media freedom taken by the government of Burma so far this year. Other journalists are also on trial, as the government attempts to intimidate journalists.

The Burmese government seems to have calculated that by jailing Zaw Pe it had sent its warning message to journalists, and continuing his detention was causing negative international attention. ?I have nothing to be grateful about,? said Zaw Pe after being released. ?I shouldn?t have been jailed in the first place.?

The release of Zaw Pe shows that campaigning works. Please take action here for other political prisoners still in jail.<>


Last week a new wave of anti-Muslim violence began in Mandalay, with two people reported killed, and many more injured.

The government of Burma has not only failed to take action against those inciting hatred and violence against Muslims, it has supported and defended them. President Thein Sein has personally defended the extreme national monk Wirathu, and his government is now drafting new anti-Muslim laws which could restrict interfaith marriages and the number of children Muslims can have.

Burma Campaign UK joined more than 80 organisations in calling for practical action to challenge these new laws and attacks on religious freedom in Burma. You can read the statement here.<>


Burma Campaign UK has won an appeal against the British Ministry of Defence decisions to keep details of the military training it is giving the Burmese Army a secret. Burma Campaign UK has been trying to obtain these details for almost a year, following the controversial decision to provide free unconditional training to the Burmese Army, despite ongoing human rights abuses. The Ministry of Defence did not abide by Freedom of Information laws by refusing to release the information, and also broke freedom of information laws in its slow response to inquiries. The Ministry of Defence is has now failed to comply with Freedom of Information laws on a separate request for evaluations of the training it is giving.


Our campaign to persuade the British government to stop looking at the situation in Burma through rose-tinted glasses is having an impact. In a recent debate on Burma in the British Parliament the first thing the Foreign Office minister did is defend the government against allegations they are looking at Burma through rose-tinted glasses. Aung San Suu Kyi has also picked up the phrase, warning the international community about looking at Burma through rose-tinted glasses. We are now seeing the British government spend less time praising the Burmese government and more time talking about human rights violations, so the pressure is starting to work.

You can join the campaign and buy your rose-tinted glasses here.<>

Thank you for your continued support



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