Friday, May 2, 2014

BurmaCampaign Digest, Vol 72, Issue 1

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Today's Topics:

1. Louie is walking for Burma and needs your help! (Info)


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Subject: [BurmaCampaign] Louie is walking for Burma and needs your
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Dear friend

My name is Louie Tham, and after a recent experience in Burma, I am going to
be ?Walking for Freedom? to support Burma Campaign UK on 10th May.

Please sponsor me here. <>

I?ve always wanted to visit Burma, and in December last year I finally had a
chance to go. Although I had a wonderful time, one incident really brought
home to me the reality of everyday life for many people in Burma.

One of our tour guides unexpectedly told us about a close family member of
hers, who had been in jail for many years for political reasons. What she
shared left me in tears, and made me resolve to do something to help the
plight of political prisoners in Burma.

This is why on Saturday 10th May I will be walking 20 km to raise money for
the sterling work of Burma Campaign UK.

Burma?s military-backed government has been imprisoning those they disagree
with for decades. Burma Campaign UK is working not only to free all
remaining political prisoners, but to change or repeal the unjust laws that
lead to their arrest. Many political prisoners who have been released spend
their lives in fear of re-imprisonment and hundreds are still in prison or
waiting trial for peaceful activity.

Please sponsor me here:

Or here, if you live outside the UK:

I have seen the injustice that people in Burma face. Please help me to raise
money so Burma Campaign UK can work to give hope to those who have none and
ensure no political prisoner is left behind.

Thank you so much

Louie Tham


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