Saturday, September 21, 2013

Film Launch: Guns, Briefcases and Inequality: The Neglected War in Kachin State


21 September 2013


Film Launch

Guns, Briefcases and Inequality: The Neglected War in Kachin State

Burma Partnership is pleased to announce the launch of a new documentary film today to coincide with the International Day of Peace. The film, entitled "Guns, Briefcases and Inequality: The Neglected War in Kachin State," demonstrates the need for the government of Burma to engage in meaningful political dialogue with all ethnic nationalities on equal terms, including discussing amendments to the 2008 Constitution. These are necessary in order to address the underlying causes of armed conflict: self-determination, the lack of ethnic rights, and inequality, and to move towards lasting peace throughout the country.

The short documentary film also highlights how development projects and natural resource management are exacerbating armed conflict and human rights violations in ethnic areas, without adequate means to justice for the people.

The film was written and directed by Daniel Quinlan. It features interviews with Kachin internally displaced persons (IDPs), civil society and community-based organizations, leaders of ethnic non-state armed groups and advocates for human rights and democracy in Burma.

The film can be viewed online here.


Briefing Paper


Burma Partnership has also produced a complementary briefing paper, entitled "Whose Guns Are Silent?: An Analysis of Burma's Fractured Peace Process." The paper provides a more in depth analysis of the flawed nature of the peace process and provides recommendations for lasting peace in Burma. It can be downloaded here.


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