Monday, August 12, 2013

Statement of Endorsement for Declaration of 8888 Silver Jubilee


12 August 2013


Statement of Endorsement for Declaration of 8888 Silver Jubilee

We are honored to let all our leaders, friends and supporters know that we have supported, contributed and fully participated in the three day commemoration of 25-year anniversary of the 1988 democracy uprising. We were able to have an open and healthy discussion on a variety of issues including national reconciliation, peace, justice and constitution, with democracy, ethnic and religious friends, leaders and participants from various parts of the country and abroad.

While this event is a significant move for the democracy and ethnic forces since the country has begun its reform process, it is particularly important for Burma Partnership as an organization founded and headed by an 88 generation activist who made her return to the country after 25 years in exile. The event has reminded everyone, especially the 88 generation students, of their unfinished duty and has reenergized us to reach for the goal that was very close to us 25 years ago.

We fully endorse the declaration of 8888 Silver Jubilee and commit to achieving the inspirational recommendations of the declaration that we endorsed along with thousands of other leaders and friends on the 8 August anniversary.

Read the declaration of 8888 Silver Jubilee in Burmese here.


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