Thursday, August 15, 2013

BurmaCampaign Digest, Vol 63, Issue 2

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Today's Topics:

1. Campaign News (Anna Roberts)


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Dear friend

President Thein Sein?s visit to London
Burma?s President Thein Sein visited the UK for the first time in July.

The British government was so nervous about the criticism they would get during the visit that they tried to discourage media from reporting it.

Burma Campaign UK welcomed Thein Sein with a protest outside Parliament, organised with Avaaz. Everywhere he went during the visit, Thein Sein was followed by protestors with ?Wanted? posters to highlight Thein Sein?s decades-long involvement in human rights abuses in Burma.

Despite all the continuing serious human rights abuses in Burma, the British government is prioritising trade and investment and is moving ever closer to Thein Sein, even offering closer ties with the military.

That?s why we?ve launched the ?Rose-tinted glasses? campaign to pressure the government to return to a policy where they put human rights first.

If you haven?t ordered your rose-tinted glasses yet, visit our website<>: now to order a pair of rose-tinted glasses for Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Political Prisoners released but more activists arrested
The good news is that Kachin farmer and political prisoner Brang Shawng was released on 23rd July. Thank you to all of you who campaigned for his release. He was among 73 political prisoners who were released in July.

However, more than two years into Thein Sein?s reform process, there is still no end in sight on the issue of political prisoners.

There has been a succession of prisoner releases but more activists continue to be arrested. The issue of political prisoners is like a revolving door, as some political prisoners are released, new activists are arrested. The harassment, arrest and detention of activists has continued throughout Burma.

Activist Aung Soe, who we emailed you about last month, was sentenced to an additional 10 years in prison in July. He was arrested for his part organising protests with farmers to plough land which had been confiscated by the Burmese government for the Letpadaung copper mine project.

His trial was closed without any lawyer allowed to defend his case. He is serving his prison sentences in Shwe Bo prison in central Burma, more than 480 miles away from his family in Rangoon.

Take action here<>:

Summer reading
If you fancy a good read this summer and learning a bit more about Burma, check out these suggestions:

Brave New Burma
A stunning book by Nic Dunlop, who has spent 20 years photographing Burma, from the frontlines of war, to Aung San Suu Kyi, to the lives of ordinary people struggling to survive.

'Little Daughter'
The extraordinary autobiography of Zoya Phan, who was forced to flee Burma and is now a high profile activist campaigning for freedom for her homeland.

Burmese Girls
A funny and moving memoir about growing up in Burma and the shock of moving to the UK.

The Silent Screams From Myanmar
This novel highlights the terrible experiences and abuse that refugees from Burma suffer in Malaysia.

You can buy all these books and more via our website<>:

You?ll also be helping Burma Campaign UK, as we receive a percentage of the cost of any books that you buy.

Thank you.
Burma Campaign UK

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