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Apr 17, 2013 (English Version)


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UK to Back Burma Peace Efforts

Burma’s top peace negotiator for ethnic conflicts meets with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and British Foreign Secretary William Hague in London. Read More


Suu Kyi Says No Easy Answer to Sectarian Violence

The opposition leader makes rare comments on sectarian violence but says she is “not a magician” and cannot immediately solve long-running ethnic disputes. Read More


Burma’s Leader: Nation Needs to Learn From Past

President Thein Sein says in his New Year’s address that Burma needs to learn from its history of violence to overcome the challenge of democratization. Read More


Islamist Agitation Fuels Unrest In Bangladesh

As a pro-Islam movement counters students it sneers at as “atheist bloggers,” a clash of ideologies could plunge Bangladesh into a cycle of violence. Read More


China Criticizes US Force Strengthening in Asia

China says the United States is destabilizing the Asia-Pacific region by strengthening its military alliances and sending more ships, planes and troops to the area. Read More


N Korea Lashes Out Anew Over Protest in Seoul

Some analysts suggest North Korea used the protest as a pretext to reject calls for a dialogue with the South. Read More


Burma’s Aid Workers Struggle in Wake of Religious Violence

Aid workers in Burma say their work is hindered by a “climate of tension,” according to UPI news agency. Recent religious violence that has seen Buddhists face off against Muslims, with sometimes fatal results, has limited access to certain conflict-riven regions and hindered the recruitment of national staff, aid organizations say. “In the current climate [...] Read More


Suu Kyi Seeks Japanese Assistance in Tokyo Visit

Aung San Suu Kyi has asked Japanese policy makers and businesses to ramp up their involvement in Burma, AFP reported. The opposition leader made the request to Japanese lawmakers on Tuesday on her first visit to the country in 27 years. Japan has not leveled the restrictive sanctions that many developed nations until recently had, [...] Read More


Burma Nationals Detained on Fishing Rig Off Indonesian Shores

Sixteen migrants from Burma attempting to escape the religious and ethnic conflict that has gripped the country in recent months are the latest to be detained by Indonesian authorities transiting through the archipelago to Australia, the Jakarta Post reported. The Burma nationals were found on a floating fish trap off Java’s Banten Province after local [...] Read More


Rangoon Property Boom Sees Prices Soar

Land prices in Rangoon have skyrocketed, the Wall Street Journal reports, as Burma opens up and investors flock to a nation that was long off limits to Western business interests. Prime office real estate in Burma’s largest city goes for nearly double the rate of its Lower Manhattan equivalent, at US $105.9 per square foot [...] Read More


OIC Requests Access to Burma

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is asking that a ministerial delegation be given a seat at the table as Burma grapples with ongoing religious tensions that have pitted Buddhists against Muslims in the Southeast Asian nation, AFP reported. OIC head Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said over the weekend that the persecution of minority Rohingya Muslims last year, [...] Read More


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