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Apr 05, 2013 (English Version)

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Burma Focuses on Law to Protect Farmers

Burma’s Lower House will draft a new law to protect peasants, which includes provisions on alleviation of debt and poverty. Read More

Shan Villagers Flee Army Abuses

More than 1,000 residents have left their homes as Burmese government forces escalate an offensive against ethnic rebels in the eastern state. Read More

Burma Police: 42 Arrested Over Sectarian Unrest

Dozens have been arrested for their alleged role in sectarian violence last month, and some will go on trial within days. Read More

The Dictators: Part 6—Popular Dissent Grows

Burma’s deteriorating economic situation leads to a growth in student activism and Ne Win to order yet another military coup. Read More

Buddhists, Muslims from Burma Brawl in Indonesia

The fight at an immigration detention center left eight people dead and15 injured. Read More

N Korea’s Twitter Account Hacked Amid Tension

A picture posted the North’s official Flickr site shows Kim’s face with a pig-like snout and a drawing of Mickey Mouse on his chest. Read More

Thai Graft Body Finds No Case Against PM Yingluck

The prime minister’s asset disclosure came up clean, removing any question that she might have to step down. Read More

NLD Member Detained in Pegu Division Over Violence

National League for Democracy member Aung Myat Thu was arrested on March 27 in Zigon Township in Pegu Division in connection with the anti-Muslin violence that swept the area, Radio Free Asia reported on Thursday. Nine other Zigon residents were also arrested. Police said in an online statement last week that 43 people were killed [...] Read More

Burma’s ‘The Birds’: Flocks of Parrots Terrorize Catapult-wielding Sunflower Farmers

Organized gangs of local parrots in Pegu Division are leading sunflower farmers to despair. In Toungoo Township, farmers are arming themselves with catapults against the birds, which are attacking their crops and eating all the seeds. “These parrots have come in flocks since the previous month and we are always guarding our plantations with catapults,” [...] Read More

Fire Breaks Out in Rangoon Power Plant

A fire broke out at a Rangoon power plant on Thursday night while media was blocked from entering the scene, The New Light of Myanmar reported on Friday. A policeman from the investigation team told the state-run newspaper it was “an electrical fire.”  The blaze would be the second “electrical fire” reported in Rangoon this [...] Read More

Burma in Talks With Norway Over Hydropower Deals

Burma’s President Thein Sein met ministers from Norway on Thursday to discuss increasing cooperation in hydropower projects in the country, according to The New Light of Myanmar. The President met Trade and Industry Minister Trond Giske and as well as hydropower discussed the establishment of “labor-intensive factories and workshops.” Norway’s ambassador was also at the [...] Read More
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