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Authorities Say No Signs of Foul Play in Islamic School Fire

Burmese officials hastened on Tuesday to dispel rumors that an early morning fire that killed 13 students at an Islamic school had been deliberately set. Read More


Report on Arakan Unrest Stalled Three Weeks

Results of an inquiry into violence last year between Buddhists and Muslims in western Burma is delayed as the fact-finding team finalizes its recommendations. Read More


First Ever Daily Newspapers Record Strong Sales

Sales of privately owned media were strong on the first day since new rules meant they could produce daily newspapers for the first time. Read More


Severely Burnt Karenni Refugee Recovering in Chiang Mai

Thirty-eight people died fleeing the fire at Ban Mae Surin refugee camp. Cha Nay Choo rushed back toward the flames to save lives. Read More


Burma’s ‘Kayan Beauties’ Wins Asean Film Award

The movie highlights the issue of human trafficking in east Burma, where ethnic women known for their elongated necks are often targeted for Thai tourism. Read More


Thein Sein Makes First Big Administrative Reshuffle

In a bid to reduce corruption and mismanagement, the president forces six high-ranking officials to resign and demotes dozens more. Read More


13 Children Die in Rangoon Mosque Fire

Anxious over recent sectarian violence in the country, authorities blame the blaze on an accidental electrical short, but locals suspect criminal activity. Read More


Nationalist Monk U Wirathu Denies Role in Anti-Muslim Unrest

Buddhist monk U Wirathu runs a Burmese nationalist “969” campaign that has fanned anti-Islamic sentiments. But he denies his ideas are spurring the current unrest. Read More


India’s Rejection of Drug Patent Could Reverberate

The decision signals a shift in the world of drug development in emerging markets, where drugmakers have been looking for growth. Read More


Apple Apologizes in China After Severe Criticism

The US company apologizes after government media attacked its repair policies for two weeks in a campaign that reeked of economic nationalism. Read More


Thousands in Indonesia’s Aceh March for Separatist Flag

About 3,000 people demand that a separatist flag, banned by Indonesian law, be made the official flag of the province. Read More


Google Chief Says ‘Dangerous Period’ ahead for Burma Internet

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt, who visited Burma on March 23, said he is concerned about the future of the Internet in Burma. He wrote in a blog post on Monday that the ongoing violence could lead to a new era of online censorship. Schmidt wrote: “We are entering a dangerous period for the Internet in [...] Read More


Burmese Workers in Jordan Pay for Right to Return

Ninety-one Burmese workers have returned home from Jordan after paying compensation to the boss of their garment factory for a “breach of job contracts,” Eleven Media reported on Sunday. The workers were made to pay US $300—almost twice their monthly salary—to the Chinese company that runs the factory in northern Jordan. More than 1,300 workers [...] Read More


Kachin Fighting Threatens Chinese Pipeline

The security of the Sino-Burmese oil and gas pipeline cannot be guaranteed, three years after it was started, because of renewed fighting in Kachin State, the Russian Interfax news agency reported last week. Beijing hopes the project will reroute African and Middle Eastern oil, bypassing the chokepoint Malacca Strait. China National Petroleum Corp says the [...] Read More


Ancient Stolen Buddha Returned to Burma After 25 Years

It could be the screenplay for the next Indiana Jones movie. A statue made for King Kyanzittha in the 11th century and snatched from Pagan when the military crushed pro-democracy movements in 1988 has been returned to Burma. The statue was rescued from the auction block in the US and sent to Paris. Richard Cooler, [...] Read More


Former Chalabi Aide Says Iran ‘Chief Supporter’ of Rohingya

A former top aide to disgraced former Iraqi Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi, Entidfadh Qanbar, has appeared on Iranian state television saying Iran was the “chief supporter” of Muslims in Burma. Qanbar owns several Iran-aligned TV stations based in Beirut. He was educated at Georgia Institute of Technology and appeared on Iran’s Press TV as a [...] Read More


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