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Burmese Parliament to Review Controversial Constitution

Burma’s Parliament takes the first step towards possibly amending the country’s military-drafted Constitution, which bars opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from the presidency. Read More


10 Percent of Burmese Work Abroad: Migration Expert

A migrant rights activist said 10 percent of Burma’s labor force works abroad, underscoring the need to improve the Burmese government’s migration policies. Read More


UN Ranks Burma among 3 Least Developed Asian Nations

The UN ranks Burma 149th among 185 nations in its latest global human development index, placing it among the three least developed countries in Asia. Read More


Farmers Call on President to Resolve Land Dispute

Twelve years after they were booted off their land to make way for luxury hotels, hundreds of Irrawaddy farmers are seeking justice. Read More


US Envoy to Burma Says Peace Needed if Sanctions Are to Be Lifted

Patrick Murphy made his remarks as he briefly stopped in Rangoon on his way from the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka to Naypyidaw. Read More


Surge in Intl Aid Could Hinder Burma’s Progress: Study

Burma’s transition is unfolding rapidly, but the surge of international aid flowing into the country could cause more harm than help, a new study warns. Read More


The Dictators: Part 3—Military Intelligence

Burma’s infamous military intelligence comes to the fore under the guidance of junta “number one-and-a-half” Tin Oo. Read More


1 Indian Soldier Killed, 3 Injured near Burma Border

Police say suspected rebels have killed one Indian paramilitary soldier and wounded three others by detonating an improvised explosive device while they were patrolling the northeastern border with Burma. Manipur State Police Chief Joykumar Singh says the explosion occurred on Friday near Moreh, a trading town on the India-Burma border about 650 km (405 miles) [...] Read More


Google Chairman to Visit Burma Next Week

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt will visit Burma on March 22, The Wall Street Journal reports. It will be the first visit by a US technology company after trade sanctions against Burma were suspended in mid-2012. “Eric [Schmidt] is visiting several countries in Asia to connect with local partners… who are working to improve the [...] Read More


China Appoints Veteran Diplomat as Ambassador to Burma

China has named Yang Houlan, a veteran diplomat who has held three previous ambassadorial posts, to lead its embassy in Burma. Yang was the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan and Nepal, as well as on Korean Peninsula Affairs, and has also served in the Chinese embassies in Indonesia and Malaysia. Observers say that Yang’s appointment reflects [...] Read More


Shan Rebels and Army Skirmish Again

On Tuesday there were renewed skirmishes between Shan ethnic rebels and the Burmese army in northern Shan State, the Shan Herald Agency for News reports. In Tangyan Township a Shan State Army soldier was shot at while he went to fetch water. Afterward the government’s Infantry Battalion 291 advanced on Shan rebel base 192 at [...] Read More


Rangoon Authorities Censor Water Festival Songs

Rangoon Division Assembly has announced that Thangyat songs and performances in the upcoming Burmese water festival, which is called Thingyan and starts on April 12, can only be performed with permission from its Thingyan Songs and Thangyat Scrutiny Committee. The Mirror, a state-run Burmese language newspaper, reported on Thursday that lyrics for all Thingyan songs [...] Read More


Indonesian Police Kill 3 Suspected Militants

Police say they have killed three suspected militants and arrested four others in a raid near Indonesia’s capital. National police spokesman Brig Gen Boy Rafli Amar says two men being sought for a jewelry robbery resisted arrest late Thursday in western Jakarta, forcing police to fatally shoot one of them. The other suspect revealed during [...] Read More


Philippines Set to Open $1 Billion Casino-Resort

The Philippines will become one of the biggest gambling centers in the world, vying with Macau, Singapore and Las Vegas for Asia’s high rollers. Read More


Asia’s Defense Spending Overtakes Europe’s – Report

The IISS played down Washington’s planned “pivot” to Asia, saying it announced only limited new military deployments. Read More


Cambodian Court Overturns Dissident’s Conviction

The prominent government critic was sentenced to 20 years in prison for an alleged secessionist plot, in a case rights groups called a “politically motivated farce.” Read More


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