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The Dictators: Part 1—The Rise of Ne Win

Burma’s brutal dictator Ne Win was a product of the first struggle for independence and the era of communist and socialist ideology. Read More


Burma Reforms Central to Asia’s World Economic Forum

Local and international officials, business and civil society leaders will discuss “inclusive transformation” in Burma at the World Economic Forum on East Asia in Naypyidaw. Read More


China Executes 4 Foreigners over Mekong Murders

China executes Burmese national Naw Kham and three others for the killing of 13 Chinese sailors in an attack on the Mekong River in 2011. Read More


Burma Parliament Approves Controversial Defense Budget

Burma’s Parliament approves a US $1.15 billion defense budget. Military expenditure dwarfs other public spending, and half of it is allocated for military hardware. Read More


Govt Takes Flack for Lack of Transparency on Salween Dam Plans

Despite releasing information about six dams planned for the Salween River, the government has left some important questions unanswered, say lawmakers and environmentalists. Read More


China Arrests Five for Trafficking 200 Burmese

Chinese authorities arrest and charge five people with human trafficking in what could be China’s largest case of trafficking of Burmese nationals in recent memory. Read More


US Should Keep Burma on Reform Path, Congress Told

A US official and rights experts praised Burma’s human rights reforms, but warned that the US should maintain pressure on Naypyidaw to continue reforms. Read More


Ford to Sell Cars and Pickup Trucks in Burma

Ford Motor Co. signs a deal to distribute cars and pickup trucks in Burma, becoming the latest Western company to enter the Burmese market. Read More


Telkomunikasi Indonesia Joins Bid for Burmese Market

Indonesia’s largest telecommunications service provider becomes the latest regional telecoms company to make a bid to acquire a license for a mobile operator in Burma. Read More


Opposition Hopes for Historic Win in Malaysian Election

A coalition of opposition parties in Malaysia has its best chance yet of ending the ruling party’s more than half-century-old hold on power. Read More


Bangladesh Islamist’s Death Sentence Sparks Deadly Riots

At least 30 people are killed in riots after an Islamist party leader is sentenced to death over abuses carried out during Bangladesh’s independence war. Read More


Muslim Scholars Want Reporter Held in Philippines Freed

Senior Muslim scholars appeal to Islamist rebels holding an Arab journalist hostage in the Philippines since June to free him immediately. Read More


Hilton to Open Rangoon Hotel

The Hilton is coming to Burma’s commercial capital Rangoon, the Financial Times reports. The prestigious international hotel chain has plans to occupy 300 rooms in the city’s tallest building Centrepoint Towers, a skyscraper that has been under construction in the heart of Rangoon for several years. Hilton executives would not comment on the plans, but [...] Read More


Peace Talks Progressing, Thein Sein Tells Nation

Burma’s President Thein Sein, who is currently on a trip through Europe, had his office broadcast another nationwide speech on Friday, in which he told the public about peace talks between the government and ethnic rebels. The president said his Feb. 13 meeting with ethnic leaders constituted “a firm step towards national reconciliation,” according to [...] Read More


UK Rights Worker Sued in Thailand

Andy Hall, a British advocate for migrant workers’ rights in Thailand, is facing criminal charges following a lawsuit by National Fruit Company, international rights group Front Line Defenders said. Hall, who has researched abuses against thousands of Burmese, Laotian and Cambodian workers in Thailand, was charged on Feb.22 with defamation after co-authoring a scathing report [...] Read More


Vietnam Govt Invites Criticism, Then Curbs It

Vietnam’s government has made it clear it will not tolerate criticism of one-party rule even as it asks the public for suggestions over revisions to the country’s constitution. A group of intellectuals and former officials used the government’s invitation for input to issue a petition calling for multiparty democracy and other reforms, turning what was [...] Read More


Religious Violence Rising in Indonesia: Report

Indonesia’s government, security forces and courts must do more to protect religious minorities from growing episodes of intolerance and violence, an international rights group said in a report on Thursday. Human Rights Watch cited a steady increase in brutal attacks over the past few years due to the government’s failure to confront thuggish harassment against [...] Read More


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