Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thai Burma Border Health Initiative - End of Year Appeal

As the holidays fast approach you are busy with a million things, but I want to beg a minute of your time to let you to know what we – TBBHI with your help - are doing to improve the lives of people living on the Thai-Burma border.
We monitor and manage patients with chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB.
We support teachers and children in preschools inside Burma.
We hold mobile clinics along both sides of the border.
We run mobile prenatal programs, ensuring proper screening, immunizations and treatments, delivery, and post-natal care for mother and baby.
We teach health education, targeting villagers, teachers, patients, families, medics, traditional birth attendants, students, and any other group that needs information.
We help people living on the Burma side of the border receive emergency medical care at local hospitals in Thailand.
All this, and much more . . .
Recently there has been a lot of publicity about Secretary Clinton’s trip to Myanmar.  In time this may lead to changes for the better, but now much remains to be done before Burma becomes a safe and healthy place to live.  Unfortunately, reports of violence and abuse continue to come from the border areas.
I will be in Thailand in January and February 2012, andBruce Tempest, our treasurer, will be with me for the first two weeks.  We will teach, provide patient care, review records, and supervise our local staff as we work together on plans for the coming year.
TBBHI has received grants and support over the past year for special projects from several organizations, includingAmicus, and the Slingshot Development Fund.
But we still need to raise over $25,000 each year for day-to-day costs, which include medical supplies and medications, teaching materials, and local staff and teachers’ salaries.  It costs $70 to buy medicine for one month for an AIDS patient, and $10 to hold a health education session in a border village – so every dollar helps!
All donations to TBBHI are tax deductible as allowed by law, and all the money we receive - 100% - is spent in the field supporting our work.  We have no overhead for US-based staff expenses.  We pay for travel out of our own pockets, so you can be sure your ENTIRE donation goes to help those in need.
Or, mail a check to TBBHI at 1117 Boggio Dr, Gallup NM  87301
Please visit our website at
And don’t forget to use our “ Links to Merchants” page for your online shopping – we get a small percentage of all purchases at no cost to you.
I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!
Larry Crook,
514 E Green St | Gallup, NM 87301 US

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