Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Altsean-Burma] 100 days of Burma's Parliament: Strengthening the status quo

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ALTSEAN-Burma has released a briefer titled "100 days of
Burma's Parliament: Strengthening the status quo."

The 11th of May marks one hundred days since the convening
of Burma's Parliament on 31 January. The laws governing the
proceedings of the first parliamentary session in 22 years
gagged MPs and restrict civilian access to the Parliament.
Many MPs complained about being subjected to detention-like
living conditions. The regime also barred domestic
journalists and foreign correspondents from covering the

Lack of genuine debate characterized the proceedings.
Ministers brushed off questions that dealt with important
issues and refused to address the substantive issues raised
by the MPs. USDP and military-appointed MPs and the Speakers
in both Houses of Parliament blocked 87% of the proposals
submitted and instead prioritized the regime's political

Meanwhile, outside Naypyidaw the regime continued to commit
crimes against humanity and war crimes. Regime troops
attacked and forcibly displaced hundred of civilians as part
of their military offensives in ethnic areas. The regime
also continued to arbitrarily detain and imprison

This briefer is produced for the conference "100 Days of
Burma's Parliament" held on 12 May 2011 at the Australian
National Parliament by the Australian Parliamentarians for
Democracy in Burma with the participation of the ASEAN
Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIPMC).

The briefer is available at:

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