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FBR: FBR: This is Normal: a photo essay from Northwestern Karen State

FBR REPORT: "This is Normal": a photo essay from Northwestern Karen State
Karen State, Burma
21 March, 2011

A report from January 17 documented events in Nyaunglebin District of Northwestern Karen State, including the completion of the Shwe Gyin Dam which has flooded several villages and displaced people in the area. Ethnic Karen FBR team members attending advanced computer and reporting training were asked to choose their preferred photos from team reports from a December mission to Hsaw Htee Township in this area. These are the photos they chose to best tell the story of the situation.

An FBR team leader from this area was asked what he thought of these photos of children, teachers, flooding of villages and a Burma Army camp standing over it all. His response was, "This is normal. The people are in fear, but they can stay. They can stay and survive, and the schools can continue and the children can study."

God bless you, FBR Northern Karen Teams


Child during Good Life Club program at Doo Hpa Leh Village, December 19, 2010
FBR medic takes blood pressure at Htee Mu Ka Naw Hkee Village, December 20, 2010
Giving Bibles to Teachers at Ka Hee Day Village, December 22, 2010
Good Life Club program with Students at Ka Hee Day Village, December 21, 2010
People at Doo Hpa Leh Village Receive Mosquito Nets, December 20, 2010
Students and Teachers at Ka Hee Day Village, December 21, 2010
Shwe Gyin Dam Floods Villages in Hsaw Htee Township, December 22, 2010
Burma Army Camp above Mae Zaung Village
Map showing area of report







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