Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[Altsean-Burma] Issues and Concerns Vol. 6: The 2010 generals’ elections

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Altsean-Burma has released "Issues and Concerns Vol. 6: The 2010 generals� elections."
On 31 January, Burma's military regime convened a puppet Parliament amid a shroud of secrecy and repression that will likely cause more human suffering and instability in the country and the region.
The Parliament is the outcome of an oppressive constitution and an election marred with irregularities, intimidation, and fraud. Governments around the world criticized not only the election, but its related procedures and laws as well. These procedures and directives were designed to ensure that the electoral process would be neither free nor fair. The overwhelming �victory� of the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party ensures that Burma�s first �civilian� government in nearly 50 years will perpetuate the military regime�s failed policies.
The report provides an incisive analysis of Burma's 2010 elections and documents the extent to which the SPDC orchestrated and controlled every aspect of the election process. The report analyzes the conduct of the election process using key indicators based on commonly accepted standards for election monitoring (i.e. UN, OSCE, and EU guidelines) to demonstrate that the polls were not free and fair.
The report is available at: http://www.altsean.org/Reports/Volume6.php
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