Tuesday, November 30, 2010



All commarades & friends;
Excellence sir;
We would like to request respectfully you to quick-organize " All Burma's National Peoples' Solidarity Comittee(ABNPSC)" between internal & external democratic forces to support activitly mentally phyaically Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi's 21th,PINLONE Comference(Second PinLone) under the following;------------------------------------------------------

(1) To gather & organize internal & external democratic forces.
(2) To quick-organize "All Burma's National Peoples' Solidarity Comittee(ABNPSC) on All Burma's internal & external democratic forces.
(3) To Support activitly mentally physically Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi's the process of 21th,PINLONE Comference(Second PinLone).
(4) To do campain of 21th,PinLone Comference(Second Pin Lone Comference).
(5) To organize All Burma's internal & external democratic forces on it by our ABNPSC.
(6) To get mentally & physically the democratic supports of All Burma's internal & external democratic forces(Individual,NGO & Governments) for it.
(7) To support directly her 21th,PinLone Comference(Second Pin Lone) with it.
(8) To arrange the program on process of it.
(9) To participate in it accordingly to our current situations.
(10)To prepair of Mass-movements for it.
(11)To take of security on Daw Su & her 21st,Pin Lone Comference.
(12)To participate in it as members of Comference of former comittee members( the former leaders of NGO,Governments & Individuals).
(13) To reorganize the patrons' boddy & All Burma's National peoples' council from former comference members of it after it.
(14) To organize All Burma's National Peoples' Government with National peoples' leaders & Elected forces under National peoples' council.
(15) To built up the real union of Burma(Democrati Federal Union of Burma) with All Burma's National Peoples' Council.
thanking you in anticipation;
best regards;
yours' sincerely!
(U ThiHaTintSwe)
Patron for Burma Democratic Concern(B.D.C),WA-99336,U.S.A.

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