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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aung San Suu Kyi Framed

Posted in Asia with tags Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma, John William Yettaw, Than Shwe on May 17, 2009 by buffalohair

According to the *taxi driver who picked John William Yettaw up at the airport on May 2nd “John did not swim to Aung San Suu Kyi’s home”, John was dropped off at the gate of Suu Kyi’s home. Then the cabbie witnessed as John showed the guards a red document then was allowed to enter the compound where he donned flippers, got wet and pretended to swim across the lake and lied to Suu Kyi’s caretakers. According to John Yettaw’s wife, John was incapable of swimming since he suffered asthma and diabetes. He was also a very timid and fearful man according to his wife. The whole accounting is a fabrication from Naypyidaw to find an excuse to keep Aung Suu Kyi in jail.

With the level of security around Suu Kyi’s home it was all but impossible for anyone to enter her compound or even swim in the vicinity. But if you had permission from the junta you could move around with no restrictions. Either John was extorted somehow or he got a handsome financial reward for working with the junta. It’s a far cry from being a student of psychology. As we speak absolutely everything about John Yettaw is being dissected and his finances will surely be most reveling if there is any intercessions or unusual activity.

If the cabbies accounting is correct, John W. Yettaw will have to answer to US and International authorities on numerous charges including perpetrating fraud, conspiracy, human rights violations and violating US Government sanctions by working with the junta. He will also earn the honor of being one of the most hated men on every continent on the planet.

The desperate Gen. Than Shwe just keeps digging himself a deeper hole as he acts like a man possessed as the 2010 elections draw closer. But it is to no avail since the world has already determined this election to be a sham and a hoax. The only people Than Shwe will convince are his ardent followers who’ve cashed in their morality for the hard currency they enjoy under his regime. Many of them are international corporations and now more than ever it is time to revel all the players who finance Than Shwe’s bloody military junta. It is time to expose the individuals around the world who are lining their pockets with Than Shwe’s blood money. Some of them are affluent, wealthy society people.

Never before has the plight of Burma come into focus as has today. Than Shwe is making blunder after blunder as he tries to rally support for his bogus election. Now he has to do some major damage control since this latest antic has gotten the attention of the world and on all levels. Already many generals are completely at a loss for words as they find themselves in the fish bowl of world opinion. They are coming to realize that the game is all over in Burma. With words like defection, coup and assassination on their lips these days it’s only a matter of time before a consortium of generals make a move. Making deals and pining for immunity is also on their lips and when the rats abandon ship there will be plenty of witnesses to the inner workings of Than Shwe’s crime regime.

It just did not make sense that someone could simply swim to Aung San Suu Kyi’s home anyway.



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