Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comment on Yeni's article on Burmese sanctions -- left on Irrawaddy website --

I agree with Yeni, who seems to understand economics better than most journalists.

It is more than lack of development
"almost exclusively caused by decades of economic mismanagement and lack of vision" on part of SPDC.


It has not grown economically because of a system of central planning and control that was first set up in 1962 by Gen. Ne Win, the grand daddy of them all, and then exacerbated by the factors Yeni describes, which started after the Slorc's so-called "open economy" after 1988.

What will happen if sanctions are suddenly lifted? As they did not have much effect anyway, trade may grow a little but it won't as much as if SYSTEM were changed -- in Chinese or Vietnamese way which involved Special Economic Zones and lifting of compulsory delivery quotas on rice etc. and long term leases for farm land to real farmers.

Give me a break, I am tired of people writing about economics when they know no economics.

Kyi May Kaung

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