Friday, March 13, 2009

BurmaCampaign Digest, Vol 18, Issue 1

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Today's Topics:

1. Free Burma's Political Prisoners Now - Take Action!
(Anna Roberts - Burma Campaign UK)


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Dear Friends,

Will you make a stand for Burma's Political Prisoners?
Today thousands of people across the world are uniting with one voice
demanding the release all of Burma's political prisoners. They are taking
part in a global signature campaign which aims to collect 888,888 signatures
before 24 May 2009 the legal date that Burma�s democracy leader, Aung San
Suu Kyi should be released from house arrest.

The petition calls on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to make it his
personal priority to secure the release of all political prisoners in Burma,
as the essential first step towards democracy in the country.

Please sign the petition now:

The target of 888,888 signatures symbolises 8.8.88, the day the junta
massacred some 3,000 people who courageously protested in Burma�s largest
democracy uprising.�

Political Prisoners In Burma � Facts
* There are over 2,100 political prisoners in Burma.
* They are innocent: These prisoners have committed no crime. They have been
imprisoned for peacefully calling for democracy and freedom in Burma.
* They are subjected to horrific torture: Once in prison, democracy
activists face horrific torture, including electric shocks, rape, iron rods
rubbed on their shins until the flesh rubs off, severe beatings and solitary
* They endure terrible suffering: Many prisoners are kept in their cells 24
hours a day, given inadequate food and are in poor health. However, the
regime appears to be systematically denying medical treatment to political

These are brave men and women that are at the forefront of the fight for
freedom and democracy in Burma. They need your help. Sign the petition now:

A global movement
We can�t let the world forget these political prisoners. Please help by
forwarding this email to your friends and colleagues so that they too can
make a stand for freedom in Burma.

Thank you,

Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK

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