Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Government Incarcerated

Waiting out, waiting out
To free the lady
UN’s got no pull and its damn frustrating,
13 years go by she’s still incarcerated,
Enough is enough, her freedom is belated,
See the military’s giving guns away to the youth
While we’re waiting for the,
Waiting for the voting both,
But Than Shwe’s wrong,
As General Aung San’s daughter will testify,
Cause democracy’s not his song,
And that man did lie,
Bout the promises he made,
But now he just gets paid,
While alone he will hide
With his fears and pride,
Like the Irrawaddy Delta,
Hit by a mass cyclone,
No warnings were given,
In Hell, he’ll stand alone,
As the man who pushes Rape as a weapon of mass destruction,
Laying landmines like the devil of dark dysfunction,
Burma once was rich, yeah but now it is poor,
Human Trafficking, ethnic cleansing,
It’s the sixty-year war,
But a genocide’s a genocide,
And that’s a fact
Cause the Karen people facing
The harshest attack,
So silence will be felt throughout the night,
As torturous screams fill sound waves of fright,
And I ain’t down with this B.S. plan,
While murder one is everywhere,
Like Kenji Nagai from Japan,
Was shot dead in the head
By the Junta “police,”
And Myanmar’s military is brutal so
I’m begging you please,
Free the people from this purgatory of 50 million hostages,
Because a life is a life, no matter what the cost is…
You know student leaders, this suffering must end,
But it has to start with action, from the U.N.
Until Ban Ki Moon puts his money where his mouth is
Burma’s people will perish in concentration camps like Auschwitz.

Copyright Jeffrey Karl Hellman 11.4.08

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