Friday, December 26, 2008

Good article -- Chinese pockets filled as Americans' emptied -- from New York Times --

Q for economists and others -- where does Burma factor in in all this?

Have this increasing sinking feeling about Burma, what with

1. reduced strength of USA and so of democratic camp

2. SPDC gearing up for their show election of 2010 -- and some countries, especially in Europe, going along with it.

Heard from grapevine that Spain's ambassador went to Rangoon to try and persuade Daw Suu to run for election (again!!!) in 2010.

3. She and NLD are absolutely right -- why should they when 1990 election result, which NLD won by an overwhelming vote, has not been honored yet.

Junta has a history of making people "replay the game" when things don't work out the way they wish it to.

God help us.

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