Wednesday, October 8, 2008

UN Responds to Our Efforts on Burma


Usually we use this email list to share specific things you can do to help the struggle for human rights in Burma or
ask for your financial help. 

This time, we are sending you a message to let you know how we have used your support. 

The U.S. Campaign for Burma and the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners just completed a
major research study on political prisoners in Burma.  We found that the Burmese military regime has nearly doubled the number of political prisoners in Burma over the past 15 months, in direct defiance of the United Nations. 

report -- and the thousands of emails you have sent to the UN Secretary General -- have caused a stir at the United Nations.  Yesterday, the Secretary General called for the release of all political prisoners in Burma, and threatened to cancel his December trip to Burma if the Burmese junta doesn't make progress on this issue.

Also, the report received quite a bit of media attention.  Here are just a few links:

- Report: Number of political prisoners in Myanmar rising

Call for Burmese prisoners to be freed

Political prisoners nearly double in Burma: activists

- Myanmar junta raises suppression, says opposition

We are strongly urging the Secretary General to secure the release of all political prisoners by the end of December.  While we still have much work to do, we are glad to see that the issue is getting a lot of attention. 

Your support makes it possible for us to compile cutting-edge research, gain media attention for Burma, and have a real impact on governments and at the United Nations -- we thought you would like to see some of the public results.

Thank you,

Aung Din, Jeremy Woodrum, Jacqui Pilch, Jennifer Quigley, Mike Haack

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