Sunday, September 14, 2008

Burmese freedom fighter Han Lin is in hospital intensive care unit with stage four lung cancer.

Freedom fighter falls sick with stage four lung cancer.
Contact: Jeffrey Karl Hellman (914.420.5103)
September 14, 2008

On April 4, 2007, I was first informed of Han Lin's diagnosis with stage four lung cancer. Today, September 14, 2008, I am sorry to say that Han Lin is battling his Cancer with the greatest difficulty yet. His cancer has spread to his spine, he has pneumonia and he is currently breathing with the assistance of a machine in the intensive care unit at Cayuga Medical. For those of you who know and love Han Lin for his dedication to the cause for the International Campaign for Freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma, please feel free to pray for him and his family during this difficult time. For those of you, who want to send messages of hope or encouragement please contact Jeffrey Hellman and he will print and relay your message to Han Lin's family.

In the interviews for his documentary, Han Lin explained that when on a hunger strike outside the United Nations for 18 days, he kept from his hunger knowing that their were villages being burnt in Burma. He further articulated that he did not feel tired when engaging in long marches for freedom of Burma because he remembers what is happening in his homeland. When facing his Cancer, Han Lin, answered that he does not get depressed about dieing and that he knows that we all must go at sometime. He said that he will never give up. Instead of worrying he meditates for peace in his community and peace around the world.

Han Lin has been an inspiration for me personally and I am eternally grateful for his message and education that he has provided for me about strength, courage, and the decency in the pursue for peace in Burma. It is for this reason that I have dedicated my life to his cause and furthermore to the documentary about his life in Burma and as an individual who always kept his promise, Honoring Home.

To help with this film, translating Burmese to English, or to send a message to Han Lin's family, please contact

Thank you very much.

In sad solidarity,

Jeffrey Karl Hellman
International Campaign For Freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma (Spokesperson)

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