Thursday, August 7, 2008


Can we celebrate peace?
Will we obtain or refrain from peace?
Will we know we have peace when she arrives?

I believe peace is a feminine power.
I believe peace is a dream that we have, but then we wake up
Wishing we were dreaming again.
How does that make you feel, my friend?

Is a woman, frail and gentle, bold and beautiful.
Aung San Suu Kyi is peace to me.
The forefront leader and teacher of democracy.

Don't get me started.
We once were a people.
Now, we need definitions to define us.

Peace is a festival,
Peace is a gathering,
Peace is a silent time,
Peace is a loud time,

Peace, can you hear me?
Calling over here.
Standing on my toes,
Hoping for a peaceful dream, of a time to unite.

There's no time to fight,
Just love, hope, and sweet sweet music,
Lonely planets fly high in the sky
while Pluto stands alone.

Global warming got him.

Imagine that.
Imagine that.
Our Nobel peace laureate, Al Gore, earned the right to say that it's getting hot in here.
On Earth and in the solar system.

Can anyone hear me?
It's daylight still.
You must see me.
Everyone, show me your alive and clap your hands.

Clap your hands for peace.
Clap your hands for eternal joy...
Clap your hands for prosperity
Clap your hands for every girl and boy.

There are people in Burma,
who truly need a hand,
for they're years of dedication,
spirit of nonviolent resistance, taking a peaceful stand.

Listen to Bob Marley,
singing about three little birds,
soaring in the sky,
chirping peaceful words,

Dance in the sun,
and rain down here on earth,
let this peace festival bring peace round the world,
a new day and age, for a united peaceful rebirth.

Shalom Salam Peace,


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