Friday, August 1, 2008

8888 to 080808 (HISTORY STILL GOING ON)

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8888 to 080808 (history still going on)

In August 8th, it would be 20 years after mass demonstration in Burma had been destroyed by military.A lots of students and people died in 1988 and it was horrible experience to our burmese people.Although we still crave for Democracy though we do not know which is the best way. Personally, i accept every mode of action against military to get Democracy.On the other hand, a lots of people will die if we demonstrate our desire on the road which is the usual method used by army to quell the demonstration. At the same time, we should sacrifice our lives like some people who died, have been in prisons for their belief. How about you? Everybody afraid of being dead, most but with some exception.Not all the people, but personally i hope to get new students and people who dare to give their lives to our country.
I do not expect too much from our generation Y (youths) as they have so many ambitions in their lives.But at lest i hope they will never forget about 8888 demonstrations brutally cracked down by the military.I collected some viedos of 8888 on youtube and posted so that youths can see this sad event.

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