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Burmese Walking Across US for Human Rights

Burmese Walking Across US for Human Rights

Global Day of Action for 8.8.08 Update: We are a few weeks away from our Global Day of Action on 8.8.08. There will be actions for Burma in a dozen cities around the world. Check out the 8.8.08 page of our website for a list of events as well as action tools to help you spread the word. Want to get your city involved - contact us today!

We want to spotlight some strong activists who have been engaged in an amazing feat to spread word in America about their home of Burma.

On March 1, 2008, two men set out on an extraordinary journey to help free Burma.  Athein and Zaw Min Htwe set out on a rainy morning from Portland, Oregon, with plans to walk on foot to the United Nations offices in New York city.  Taking turns walking, together they have already walked over 2,000 miles through rain, snow, mountains, and deserts.  They are not marching for fame or glory, but to raise awareness of the plight of the Burmese people, and to demand change.

Along their march, Athein and Zaw Min Htwe are speaking to the people they meet about Burma and collecting signatures on a petition calling for freedom and liberty in Burma. On August 8, 2008 - the day of the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics and the 20th anniversary of the  8-8-88 protests in Burma - they will present their petition to representatives at the UN headquarters in New York.

Athein and Zaw Min Htwe are marching for all the people of Burma, but they can't do it alone. 

You can show your support and follow the Walk for Freedom at the blog,  For more information on how you can support the Walk, or to see if Athein and Zaw Min Htwe will be passing through your town, please email

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