Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Burma and the Olympics, What You Can Do

8.8.08: Burma and the Olympics 

Dear Friends,

We are a month away from one of the most important dates in Burma's history. August 8th marks the 20th anniversary of Burma's largest national democratic uprising, when millions bravely marched through the streets, and nearly toppled the military regime if they had not been brutally massacred. It is also on the day that China, the #1 supporter of Burma's military junta, will open the Beijing Olympics.

Please help us as we prepare for a Global Day of Actions for Burma - to honor those who have struggled for freedom in Burma and to demand China end its support for Burma's dictators.

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Read about China's support for Burma's generals.

Watch a video with director/producer Judd Apatow talking about the importance of 8.8.88

Here's What You Can Do

1)Don't Watch the Olympic Ceremonies: Human rights activists inside Burma have called on people around the world to not watch the Olympic ceremonies because of China's support for the Burmese military.  You can still support the athletes in what they do, support the Chinese people, and support the Games for what they stand for, but don't support the Chinese government's policies.

- Sign Up here to pledge to not watch the games and get your friends and family to sign as well

- Join the Facebook event for this global protest

2) Email the Olympic Corporate Sponsors, urging them to use their leverage to press China to end its support for Burma's dictatorship.

3) Take to the Streets: In the days before 8.8.08 we will be organizing protests around the world in front of Chinese embassies. Want to hold an event in your country and be a part of the global day of action? Email

4) Show you support for the Burmese people: Since 8.8.88 is an important day for the Burmese people we ask you to create videos, photos, or letters of support for those fighting for freedom inside Burma. Send all entries to and we will post them on our website and work to send it to those inside.

Burma: this is not a game. Turn off your TV for the Olympic Ceremonies.

-US Campaign for Burma Staff

Aung Din, Jeremy, Jennifer, Jacqui, and Thelma

Support 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the struggle for freedom and democracy in Burma.
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