Tuesday, June 3, 2008

[BurmaCampaign] 2008 Dirty List launched today - Take action!

Dear friend,

Today we launched our 2008 ³Dirty List² exposing 50 more companies that are
funding the Burmese regime. The list now contains 154 companies including
the world¹s biggest motor company, a major airline, the owner of Jaguar and
BBC Worldwide. Please visit our website now and tell at least one of the
companies why they shouldn¹t be financing the Burma's brutal regime:

Every single day foreign companies give millions of dollars to the regime;
allowing them buy the bullets, guns and supplies for the army that keeps
them in power. These companies are financing a regime that rapes
five-year-old girls, shoots peaceful protestors and leaves storm victims to

Since we launched the list 6 years ago over 100 companies have withdrawn
because they pressure applied by you, our supporters. This has deprived the
regime of millions of dollars. Please write to the companies today and tell
them to why they must stop funding the Burmese regime:

Thank you for your continued support.

Johnny, Anna, Mark, Zoya, Hlaing, Jackie and the BCUK team.

P.S. Please do send us copies of any replies you may receive from companies.

The Burma Campaign UK

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