Thursday, May 22, 2008

Desperate Houswives' Felicity Huffman Speaks Out Burma

"Desperate Housewives" Star Felicity Huffman
Speaks Out For Those Who Can't in Burma

Dear friends, 

Today we are releasing a video by Emmy-winning Desperate Housewives and movie star Felicity Huffman.

This is day #22 of a 30-day video campaign designed to build international support for the struggle for human rights and democracy in Burma.

The video focuses on the Burmese military dictator Than Shwe's censorship and destruction of free media in Burma. Censorship itself may not seem like a huge problem -- but it causes massive suffering.

In only the most recent example, the lack of a free press has resulted in the Burmese people not receiving any warning before a cyclone hit the country nearly three weeks ago.  Now, the lack of a free press is costing lives in the aftermath -- Than Shwe is arresting reporters and journalists who try to get news of the cyclone out to the world, and has forbidden journalists from calculating the total number of those dead or affected by the cyclone. 

Than Shwe is also blocking aid getting to the Burmese people, and without a free press, aid agencies have no clue how much help people need.  Just two nights ago, eight leading journalists were arrested
and interrogated all night by Than Shwe's henchmen.

Today, the European Parliament passed a resolution stating that if the Burmese regime blocks aid to the people of Burma any longer, they will refer the regime leader Than Shwe to the International Criminal Court for committing crimes against humanity.  This is long overdue.

Please watch the video and share it with as many of your friends and family as possible.  Courageous human rights activists inside Burma have appealed for our help, and we are building a one-million person campaign to work for human rights in Burma.  Please urge your friends and family to sign up today at  You can watch all previous 21 videos at

Please help be a voice for the censored.  

Aung Din, Jeremy Woodrum, Jennifer Quigley, and Thelma Young

Support 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the struggle for freedom and democracy in Burma.
Become a member of the United States Campaign for Burma today.

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