Saturday, May 10, 2008


A time of terror in Myanmar,
Burma under siege,
A country of 50 million hostages,
A peninsula under the sea,
Nargis the cyclone,
the plague,
the wrath,
of years in turmoil and blood,
Came shuttering down on innocent people,
Children lost in the mud,
My years of dedication have taught me one thing,
And indeed this is a first,
When international aid is hidden from Burma,
My friends we're off for the worst,
Today the 10th will go down in history,
A day,
A referendum, a curse,
If this bill comes to pass,
Burma will die of thirst,
To quench this everlasting call for democracy,
To quench this call for peace,
This is not the country it used to be,
Tonight my heart can not be at ease,
See, the people of Burma,
Have been forced into to slavery,
Raped of their prosperity and pride,
While some superstitious man destroys everything we worked for,
100,000 people have died.
40% of this number were children,
Children, the youth, the young,
When pictures of this struck my eyes,
My patience officially was done.
We've waited too long for these tyrants with guns,
These generals who lost by 82,
Percent, persist, or lost in a "Mourning Mist,"
While a million homeless,
I'm through.

I'm through with this dictatorship,
These men with guns,
The guns that they call power,
While blocking the borders of Myanmar,
We've lost our youth in a shower.

By Jeffrey Karl Hellman
Copyright May 10th 2008.

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