Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We Have Five Demands:

1. The Burmese (Myanmar) regime must unconditionally release Aung San Suu Kyi and all political prisoners, or face serious, tangible consequences as determined by the UN General Assembly.

2. The Burmese regime must recognize and accept the results of the 1990 May elections and begin implementing political reform, supervised carefully by an international group of UN overseers.

3. The regime must begin meaningful political dialogue for national reconciliation, overseen by an international body approved by the United Nations.

4. The UN must appoint a commission to swiftly investigate the incidents known as the Depayin massacre of 30 May 2003 and take appropriate action when the results are made known (preliminary reports were already published, on 25 June 2003, by the Ad Hoc Commission on the Depayin Massacre, which consists of members of several of the largest Burmese democracy groups).

5. The regime must immediately terminate all crimes being perpetrated against the Burmese people: ethnic genocide; rape; torture; forced displacement; robbing; torching, and devastating villages; slave labor, and inhumane act of all forms.

Written by Maura Stephens

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