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Teach The People

Teach The People

For Immediate Release
Jason Beckerman
Teach The People

Teach The People
"The People Powered University"

To our friends, family, and potential beta users:

Thanks for showing interest in the Teach the People movement! We are launching at a web conference called TechCrunch20 ( on San Francisco Sept.17-18 and we're trying to get as much educational content going as possible before then - which is where we need your help!

Teach The People while a company, is more of a movement. We want to open high-quality, low cost, education to the world. To accomplish this, we have two products:

Teach the People K12

This service is a Non Profit service for public and private high schools. It is the first social network locked down to Public and Private K-12 schools. Only teachers, students, and parents will have access to this system. There will be no ability to register (manual enrollment by TTP K12) and 100 MBs of storage per year will be given to each student. If a school wants additional space, we will charge them for it to fund underprivileged schools. This will be a global platform, where students, and ONLY students, teachers, and school administrators will have access to this system, parents will access child data only, and we would provide world collaboration services (as in sending you study buddies all over the world to work with who have similar interests based on content consumption). This could have a profound effect on the world, if we can share language, and culture, while growing up, exposing kids to things they do not normally see; the world could be a completely different place. TTP-K12 is a platform that can enable it. Can you imagine a child in a school in Alabama or Kansas working collaboratively with a child in the Middle East or Africa? This could have a major effect on both parties and the world at large.

Upon graduation from the K-12 system, all student history and content will be ported to the main Teach the People - People Powered University system. Imagine having all of the educational work history from the time you are in the first grade at your disposal forever?

Teach the People - The People Powered University

As for the main Teach the People service, we plan to recruit educators to our platform, hire professors specifically to produce communities for us, run education/employment verification services on educators, certify communities for content quality, and provide training services for our users. For the next generation of student, we will not need background checks or training services. We will know exactly what these young students are capable of and what they have worked on. We will already have a large library of PEOPLE POWERED UNIVERSITY communities created by our original set of educators which can be automatically recommended and accessed. These students will be indoctrinated in a life long learning philosophy, something which will be crucial to their success in the knowledge economy. Our pitch is simple really: share your knowledge with the People Powered University today, so the next generation can access it tomorrow.

Teach The People Brand Kit

Above is a link to our brand kit to let you know what we're all about at Teach the People, but here is a quick overview to get you started as a learning community owner:

1. We are an education based social network that provides users with the tools to teach anything and learn everything using a variety of media and networking functionality (streaming broadcasts/audio, journals/essays/blogs, open questions, discussion boards, live chats, file storage/sharing, and much more to come.)

2. Rather than using a course based system, we allow users to create learning communities around ANY topic (if you know enough about video games, carpentry, or dog training to teach others about by all means please create a community!). Compared to distance learning courses, communities are more collaborative, don't have start or end dates, and constantly evolve around the sharing and production of knowledge, not grades.

3. Community members progress through leveled milestones you set once at the initial creation of the community by submitting files, journal entries, discussion posts, video broadcasts, AND by viewing other members' submitted work and working with others in chats and discussion forums - remember, Teach the People is all about peer-to-peer collaborative work.

4. You can also run Private Invite Only Communities for Project groups, Research communities, Portfolios for your work, and fun communities with your friends!

5. How you earn money from your community:

1. We give you a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by the pages in your community for taking a small amount of time to set it up an run it as you see fit (we will also offer the ability to remove advertising from your community for a fee)

2. Once we go fully public with the site (November) you will be able to charge a fee, at your discretion, for individual pieces of content (papers, video broadcasts, etc), limit the number of views/ downloads, and charge a monthly or yearly access fee to your community.

At this point, we are asking for you to fill out a web-form that includes all the content you would like to initially supply in your community, as well as the level structure you want to employ. Keep in mind; you do not need to have levels, but having levels helps to have more knowledgeable members help novices and to organize content for people at different skill levels by limiting who can see what content.

We will then create the community for you to your specifications and add any file content you are able to supply. In addition, for being a first mover on Teach the People we will give you 10GB of storage for free and a higher share of the advertising revenue generated by your community than we will offer after the full public launch!

So we will set up your community for you, all you have to do is collaborate with other users on a topic that you are already interested in, oh yeah, and get paid!

Follow the link below to the web-form that will be your way of communicating to us how you would like your learning community set up, we will take it from there!

Teach The People Community Creation Form

We cannot do this alone, and in order to be successful, we need you, to help us. We believe people will see the potential in this movement and the good it can bring to the world. Are you up for the challenge?

We will be sending a second email with information regarding product demonstrations next week shortly!!


Jason Beckerman and Joshua Backer
Teach the People

P.S. In order to be considered for a BETA account (and the BETA perks); you must create a community on our service! All of you have knowledge to share! Share it!
"Teach The People", "The People Powered University", "", and the "Teach The People Logo" are Trademarks of Educational Communications, LLC.

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