Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 29, 2007 - The Irrawaddy Online News Alert:


The Irrawaddy Online Newsletter for August 29, 2007

Letter to the Editors

Burma Protest Continue [Update]

Mandalay Monk Slams Junta on Demonstration Crackdown

By Shah Paung

The violent crackdown on demonstrations by Burma’s ruling junta following a steep rise in fuel prices drew criticism on Wednesday from a senior monk in Mandalay.

Uprising Looms Unless World Community Acts Now on Burma [Editorial]

By The Irrawaddy

Burma’s repressive regime is once again, and assuredly not for the last time, cracking down violently on its own people as they engage in peaceful protests.

Thai Army Chief Discusses Ethnic Groups with Burmese Leaders

By Sai Silp

The Thai army chief, on a farewell tour of the region, has agreed to help the Burmese government in dealing with the problem of armed ethnic groups along the border.

Talk of Protests Dominates New US Embassy Opening in Rangoon

By Htet Aung

The inauguration ceremony for the new US embassy in Rangoon on Tuesday was rife with talk of recent protests in the former capital against a sharp rise in fuel prices across the country, according to sources close to the embassy.

Global Warming Threat Looms over Burma

By Sai Silp
A climate expert in Thailand on Wednesday warned that Burma could be vulnerable to climate changes from global warming, particularly in the Irrawaddy and Salween river plains.

KNU Allows EGAT to Survey Salween River Dam Site

By Saw Yan Naing

The Karen National Union on Wednesday relaxed its ban on a dam survey by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and gave permission for a two-day mission, despite continuing opposition to the project by local villagers.

US Comedian Does Public Service YouTube Video for Suu Kyi

By The Associated Press

Actor-comedian Jim Carrey has made a straight-to-YouTube video. And it is not funny at all.



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