Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Here in Thailand"

Dear Friends:

Here is a recent message that I got today from Wesley Robinson, a student leader from Indiana Wesleyan and creator of "Students Concerned for Burma."

Here in Thailand

Today at 2:36am


I'm here in Thailand and wow the situation looks grim. I have been in Mae Lae refugee camp doing health checks. I am amazed at the sickness. Some children have had simple fungal infections for over 3 years. A 2 week round of a $1 antibiotic will clear it. Partners is doing these health checks in about 5 different youth hostels in Mae Lae camp. That is all we can fund. Thousands more need help.

A second concern of mine is the shipping of Karen to third nations including the States. Everybody wants to go. Nearly every guy I meet is trying to learn english so he can leave. The States is taking young single, educated people from the camps. They are loosing all their teachers and medics in the camp. I certainly can not blame them for wanting to leave. I'm just concerned that they are going to be in for a shock when they get to the US. I wish there was a way to track, sponsor and help these guys.

Thirdly, the camp is not safe. The Thai govt. gave permission for the the Burmese army to cross their border and attack the camp. Even though thousands are being sent to third nations, the camps population is not decreasing. This is worrying the Thai. Yet, what do they really expect? A ticket out... everyone is going to enter the camp. Mae Lae is a predominantly Karen camp yet even the Burmese are entering the camp in hopes to come to the United States. The Thai govt. is now going from section to section of the camp and checking ID's. If you don't have one they are sending them back into Burma.

I really think we should find ways to increase media coverage. Anyways, I just wanted to update you on the situation from my observations. I have not been inside Burma yet, but only God knows what that looks like. Thanks for all your help. When I return I will phone you.


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